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The Winter We Walked Alone 

The images for this project were taken between December 2020 and March 2021 during the Winter Lockdown in UK. 


They were shot on Ilford black and white films and predominantly taken during my 1 hour allowance of ‘daily exercise’ which I used to walk up and down a 3 mile stretch of seafront. 


It was a time where coronavirus cases, hospitalisations and deaths were at their highest peak, 

whilst fear, loneliness and depression were being felt by a great number of people, including myself. 


I suffered from a minor mental breakdown at the end of November 2020 due to occurrences happening in the world and in my life. Suicidal thoughts were had. I was lucky enough to have the love of my wife and children to help get me through, whilst this project helped to keep me occupied. 


Not everyone is as lucky. 

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